Jane Austen's Music

Two of our members, Derek McCulloch and Ian Gammie, have catalogued the music collection in Jane Austenís House in Chawton, some of it copied out in her own hand. You can see details of the catalogue, Jane Austenís Music, at www.cordamusica.co.uk and buy it from orders@cordamusic.co.uk

The Windsor Box&Fir Co has given numerous concerts of music drawn from this collection, including many in Chawton itself, where Jane Austenís House has been a favourite venue, and in other houses connected with the Austens, such as Godmersham, home of Janeís brother, Edward Knight, and Goodnestone Park.

We have performed for various branches of the Jane Austen Society, and in national and international AGMs.

We have recorded 2 CDs of Jane Austenís music: The Music & Songs of Jane Austen (Isis Records) and Begone Dull Care (Danubia Discs). You will find these in our CD section, and can buy Begone Dull Care here.

By a fortunate coincidence Sophie Bevan (our soprano on Begone Dull Care) is actually a descendant of the Austen family !

From a member of a branch of the
Jane Austen Society :

ďJust wanted to reiterate my great thanks for the lovely performance of Windsor Box and Fir on Sat; it was just marvellous. Such musicianship; such lovely apt music for the day and the house; such fun at the end. It is a super idea to send the punters away on a high like that. The compliments were legion and heartfelt; I think the day was one of our best.Ē