Begone Dull Care
Danubia Discs 2008 DD006

Songs and instrumental music from Jane Austen's House in Chawton.

The Windsor Box&Fir Co on period instruments

Sophie Bevan
Rogers Covey-Crump
Jenny Thomas
Michael Sanderson
Katharine May
Ian Gammie
Derek McCulloch
square piano/harp
bass viol/guitar
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01 Duet: O Venus William Jackson 3.22
02 Song: William Haydn/Billington 2.26
03 Song: The Mansion of Peace Samuel Webbe 3.52
04 Country dance: The Rakes of Rochester anon 1.18
05 Country dance: The first of April
Thomas, Sanderson, Gammie, May
anon 0.57
06 Song: Queen Mary's Lamentation
Bevan, Thomas, Gammie, May
arr. J. Haydn 3.36
07 Song: The Little Ploughboy
Covey-Crump, Thomas, Gammie
William Shield 2.27
08 Duet: The Egyptian Love Son Henry Harington 2.47
09 Piano solo: Rosline Castle Jan Ladislav Dussek 5.13
10 Song: The Irishman William Shield 2.11
11 Song: Corn Riggs Scottish traditional 4.17
12 Guitar solo: Marche des Marseillois C-J Rouget de Lisle 2.08
13 Song: The Soldier's [Sailor's] Adieu Charles Dibdin 4.04
14 Country dance: Hole in the Wall anon 1.11
15 Country dance: Mr Beveridge's Maggott anon 1.11
16 Cotillon: La Grecque [Mr T****] 1.34
17 Duet: The Yellow Hair'd Laddie Scottish traditional 4.52
18 Duet: Begone dull Care anon 1.50
19 Song: Tenderness Paisiello/Linley 3.36
20 Gigg & Scottish Air [from Rosina] William Shield 2.11
21 Song: The Lamplighter Charles Dibdin 2.17
22 Country dance: The Perigodine anon 1.31
23 Cotillon: La Rose anon 1.04
24 Country dance: La Boulanger anon 1.09
25 Grand Sonata: The Battle of Prague František Kocžwara 10:55
Total playing time 73.08